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You & Us guide to planning a wellness event

In 2017/18, 15.4 million work days were lost due to stress. Stats like this are the reason why an awareness of corporate wellbeing is on the rise. After all, a happier, fitter workforce is an engaged one, better able to meet the demands of the business.

So what exactly is corporate wellness? These programmes go beyond paying lip service to simple health and safety guidelines. Instead considering interventions for all elements of wellbeing, covering areas as diverse as lifestyle health, clinical health, mental health, work engagement and productivity. 

A great way to boost employee wellbeing or kick start a wellness programme is with a wellness day. If you’re wondering where to start with this, we’ve put together a list of our top tips and things to consider. 

Identify the aim of the event

Remember, you can have more than one focal point. Consider some of these popular options and build this into the core of the day; 

  • Keeping fit 
  • Healthy eating
  • Mindfulness 
  • Stress management
  • Life coaching 
  • Medical care and health screening 
  • Ditching bad habits (e.g. smoking cessation)
  • Working more effectively
Select your activities

What are people going to be doing at your wellness day? Ultimately this should be fun and positive! Pick something that will appeal to and attract your audience, whilst aligning with your aims. 

When planning your activities, it is important to consider the varied interests of your audience. Some people may be up for active, hands on experiences, whereas others prefer calm, relaxing sessions. To overcome this, we would suggest leaving some flexibility in the programme – don’t make all of your activities fixed or mandatory. 

Top tip: Take a look at our wellness experiences for some inspiration!

Pick your location

There are so many options when considering a location for your wellness day. Do you have the space to accommodate everyone at your premises? If not, we’ve listed some alternative suggestions below. Consider where would best accommodate your activities and create the desired atmosphere.

  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Dedicated event spaces
  • Fitness facilities 
  • Outdoor open spaces

Top Tip: Struggling to find the perfect venue or location? We provide a free venue finding service. Get in touch!

Set the date

Once you know your location, it’s time to pick a date. If there are upcoming events in your city that focus on physical activity or health, this may be the prime time to plan your event. Aside from picking the date, make sure you check availability and reserve the venue. Venues and accommodation should never be left until the last-minute. 

Make it happen!

To make the event happen you will no doubt need some equipment. This is everything from the items required to deliver your chosen activities (your suppliers may provide some of this), to refreshments, catering and also the items your guests may need to bring with them. 

You might need to consider some quite complex logistical challenges, especially if a large team is involved. You may, therefore, need to call in professional event facilitators to help you plan and coordinate your event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

This should help get your wellness event off the ground. If you require any additional support or ideas for a completely bespoke wellness day, call us on 0114 400 0074 or email

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