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You & Us does… Phlegm, Mausoleum of the Giants exhibition

If you’re a Sheffield resident, you’ll no-doubt recognise the unique, slightly creepy artwork that adorns many a building wall. This is the handy work of Sheffield legend and street artist Phlegm and last month he took over the former cutlery factory, Eye Witness Works, with his art installation entitled The Mausoleum of the giants.

The Grade II listed building, with it’s industrial feel, was the perfect setting for Phlegm’s giant sculptures to take up temporary residency. The exhibition was open for three weeks and during that time it seemed like there was a permanent queue of people outside, down the road and around the corner, all waiting to get a look at the sleeping giants. So it was no surprise for us to hear that 12,081 visitors passed through the exhibition in total!

Just before the exhibition opened we started working on an event for the new building owners Capital & Centric (read more about that here), so not only were we lucky enough to attend the opening night of the exhibition, we also got a behind the scenes look at the excitement the exhibition continued to cause. This was an incredible partnership between the University of Sheffield, Welcome to Sheffield and the Culture Consortium, who transformed an old warehouse into ‘a once in a lifetime art experience’. We’ve shared some of our favourite photos from the exhibition below!

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