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Zombie Survival Experience

Event Overview

An adrenaline fuelled fear fest in a post apocalyptic world!

This immersive zombie survival experience will push you to your limits. Placed at the centre of an apocalypse your team will get to play the part of survivors going up against the zombie threat. Kitted out and trained in weapon usage, they will be sent on missions and will have to work together to come up with strategies in order to beat the zombie horde and survive!

Choose from a number of different settings, each with a distinct vibe and a plot that works with the venue; guaranteed to give you the best possible immersive horror experience possible. Each experience presents its own challenges, missions and rewards. Whatever your objectives we can help you select just the right mission to achieve these.

With a number of iconic, haunting and atmospheric locations across the UK, you’re never far from the thrill of a lifetime.

Why This Event

Nothing quite promotes teamwork like the threat of being eaten by the undead! Whether you are looking to organise a team building session or a corporate day out, this event will provide an exhilarating and stimulating experience with a real difference.

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