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Young Innovators Workshops

The project

Young Innovators is a new partnership between Innovate UK and the Prince’s Trust. The programme was aimed at 18-30 year olds looking to elevate the potential of their ideas for business, offering funding, expert advice and connections to a network of people and organisations working in innovation.  We were brought in to organise and run 12 regional workshops and an online version of the event. Each event was attended by around 20 young people and everyone, who registered to take part was invited to apply for an Innovate UK award. The content of the workshop covered expert advice on selling your idea, practical innovation tools that help with business development, innovative guest speakers and information on how to apply for an award. The client confirmed locations and venues for the regional events. We then took over and handled the full logistical planning. We worked closely with the client to source and confirm the most appropriate event facilitators and speakers for the event and helped to develop the final event content and agenda to fulfill all of the event objectives. We delivered 12 events in two weeks across the UK from Belfast to Plymouth to Newcastle.

The services

Event project management

Workshop content development

Programme design & coordination

Workshop materials & branded merchandise

Speaker sourcing & coordination

Workshop facilitator sourcing & management

Delegate management

Travel & accommodation booking

Venue liaison

Catering & menu selection

On site event management

Event set up & break down

Guest registration management

Event staffing

Programme management

Event feedback & post event evaluation

Event testimonials

“The whole course was very focused and informative. Will be recommending it to others starting out.”

– Event Attendee

“The session made me believe in my idea. I can’t wait to hit the ground running.”

– Event Attendee

“I was impressed by how engaging it was. I travelled a long way in the heavy snow and it was certainly worth it.”

– Event Attendee

“This is exactly the information I need to push my business in the right direction.”

– Event Attendee

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